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We are the alternatives company, one of the companies (Hallak Group for Water Systems and Swimming Pools). We work in the field of designing, constructing and filtering swimming pools in an integrated manner. We have local and foreign expertise in implementation for more than 40 years in Syria, Lebanon and Qatar and implementing the largest water projects in Syria where the water park was implemented ( Bluelagoon) in Aleppo and has been operating for a period of 6 years with success and implementation of the water park (Pearl of Damascus) in Damascus through the airport road before Ghazlania. And a large number of indoor and outdoor swimming pools in farms and villas And public swimming pools (the Holy Land of Al Furqan) with international and Olympic specifications. And the implementation of swimming pools and public in all Syrian cities and the design and implementation of waterfalls and modern fountains, including the largest restaurant in Aleppo (Gate Restaurant Al-Shahba). Design and implementation of health centers and their accessories (saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis, massage rooms and their accessories) Study and implementation of floor heating and central heating with high accuracy, which gives the customer ease of operation, control and saving of fuel.

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We have 40 years of executive experience in Syria, Qatar and Lebanon

We have a far-reaching vision and permanent development with our studies in France - Italy - Belgium - Germany.

Our company studies, design, implement, operate and follow up.

Executing the largest water works in Syria, two water park in Aleppo and Damascus (Blue Lagoon - The Pearl of Damascus) and a large number of swimming pools, large waterfalls and fountains.

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